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Strategic Marketing Agency YURMARK

IQ Metrica

3D laser scanning

Business packaging from strategy to promotion

Step One


  • Pack the business from logo to advertising content
  • Lead generation and integration with CRM system
  • Create presentations and promotional videos to increase conversions
  • Launch the website, Instagram and YouTube channel

…and all in a short time frame

Step Two


We analyzed our competitors and realized that most of them are developing laser scanning as an additional service. We looked at their traffic sources and realized that the competitors’ general strategy is to have an informational presence in this market. The demand for services in Yandex.Direct is about 10 thousand search queries per month.

Decided to position IQmetrica as an expert in the market of laser 3D scanning services with expert content

Step Three


  • We defined the business model and developed the promotion strategy and media plan
  • Traveled to the client’s facilities, conducted photo shoots and shot a series of expert videos
  • Developed the client’s corporate identity and design. The overall design concept was a presentation, the usual format of information perception by the target audience.
  • Developed and launched a website with landing pages for every target audience
  • Wrote and published posts on key customer objections for social media
  • Launched the Googke ads and targeting ads with animated content

Branding and packaging

From logo to corporate presentations

The ideal client is b2b, so everything must be clear and businesslike at every stage of the sales funnel:

Website, Instagram, YouTube channel, branded presentations for KPs, business cards and vehicle branding

Running ads

What was done?

Four advertising channels were used at the launch: contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, targeting advertising in Instagram and video advertising in YouTube. All campaigns were optimized within 30 days from the moment of launch, unperforming search queries were disabled and ineffective advertising creatives were changed until the desired result was obtained.

Launch results

To summarize

In the first month of launch we reduced the cost of attraction from $20 to $3 per lead

ROI of 317% — return on investment in Yandex, Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads

Packed your business from corporate identity, website, social media to YouTube videos in 30 days

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The project was worked on

Aliaksandr Yuruts

Strategist, CEO of Yurmark

Volha Yuruts


Maxim Bulavko


Daria Shamko

UX/UI Designer

Darina Tsibatsina

Project Manager

Yakatsiaryna Liohankaya

Motion Designer

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