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Strategic Marketing Agency YURMARK


Strategy and launch of Thermex
water heater brand online store

E-commerce as an additional source of customers

Project Objectives

Increase manufacturer sales through e-commerce

  • Thermex brand is one of the leaders in the Belarusian market for the sale of water heating equipment of own production
  • There is a developed network of representatives and distributors in all areas
  • 90% of sales account for wholesale, retail on occasion
  • How to enter the end consumer market through e-commerce?


Extended warranty - a mark of quality

  • Analyzed the end users and realized that when choosing a water heater the main characteristic is the capacity and size
  • We have studied competitors and made online sales more convenient and intuitive for the end consumer.
  • Developed the online store and configured the integration with 1C stock management software.
  • Create promotional page to attract the target audience of competitive brands

Launching an online store

Promotions to attract customers

  • After launching the online store, our team conducted UX/UI analysis and functional improvement for the next 6 months
  • Due to that we managed to decrease the number of bounces to 13% and increased the depth of view by 2 times
  • This affected the visibility in the search engines Yandex, Google and traffic to the site began to grow rapidly
  • We launched a promotion aimed at the buyers of competitor brands’ products — we offer extended warranty in exchange for leaving contact information


To summarize:

  • As a result of improved convenience and increased behavioral factor, site traffic for 12 months increased by 4 times
  • The number of conversion targeting actions on the site averaged 420 per month

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The project was worked on

Aliaksandr Yuruts

Strategist, CEO of Yurmark

Volha Yuruts


Daria Shamko

UX/UI Designer

Maxim Bulavko


Yakatsiaryna Liohankaya


Darina Tsibatsina

Project Manager

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