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Strategic Marketing Agency YURMARK


Launching a network of
car service stations in Poland

Packaging business from strategy to promotion

What was the task?

To start with a profit in the "off-season"

  • Find strengths and develop a brand launch strategy
  • Package the business from logo to website launch
  • Unlock the Google My Business account that was banned and run ads
  • Launch a website with time booking and online payment options
  • Optimize ads from Google, Instagram, YouTube


The First Express Serwis

  • When the client contacted us, the service was engaged in all kinds of services and there was no permanent job anywhere
  • Google account was banned and not searchable in any way
  • We made a product analysis and realized that the biggest profits come from the fastest services
  • Using Google maps, analyzed competitors and market leaders on packaging and their traffic sources
  • Focused on the line of express services and made it the main TOC — here I will be done quickly

Branding and packaging

Yellow and black is the color of leadership

  • The brand design and packaging were developed to stand out online and offline at any time of the year
  • Color palette was chosen based on the neighboring buildings and competitors’ banners
  • Minimalistic style underlines the express approach to the customer service
  • Additionally there is outdoor advertising, which is seen by ~10 000 potential clients per day

Development of the site with online booking and payment system

The site was originally designed as a multi-landing

For the top 6 types of services we developed a concept of a separate landing page with a cost calculator and an appointment system. By that time advertising campaigns on Google My Business profile began to bring results and it was decided to keep only 2 types of work, which generated 80% of revenues

Running ads

Reduced the cost of attracting a client from Google by 3 times

For a quick launch, we set up Google Adwords
and targeting ads on Instagram

For organic engagement we chose
promotion in Google maps, content marketing
on the website and outdoor advertising

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The project was worked on

Aliaksandr Yuruts

Strategist, CEO of Yurmark

Daria Shamko

UX/UI Designer

Maxim Bulavko


Volha Yuruts

Project Manager

Yakatsiaryna Liohankaya

Motion Designer

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